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Information Security

Security of data in transit

It is virtually impossible to stop a determined and knowledgeable individual from intercepting data that is transferred between yourself and a server on the internet. However, it is possible to encrypt that data in such a way that it is unreadable to anyone or any machine apart from your computer and the server itself.

We use the same encryption techniques used by all major internet banking facilities and online e-commerce transactions. You will see a small padlock icon appear on your browser when you register or login to your Compliance Manager account. This means that the data being transferred is encrypted using a 128 bit encryption key. This encrypting method is referred to as SSL (Secure Socket Layers) and is currently the industry standard for encrypting transactional information on the internet.

Security of data in storage

The servers that power Compliance Manager are highly secure and are protected by an advanced firewall. The firewall and the servers are monitored 24 hours a day for any suspicious activity. So you can rest assured that even whilst you sleep your data is being actively protected. 

The only area of security for which we don't have control of is your own computer. It is important that you install a virus scanner and ensure that you keep it updated.

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